Why Choose Us to Help You Sell?

A friendly reminder we can help you sell your rent house when the time comes.

#1 We are not just a property management company. We have been selling homes in the Austin TX area for over 40 years.

#2 We can assist with pricing your home to get you top dollar.

#3 We know your tenants & your property. We can coordinate the sale with no vacancy period.

#4  We manage over 800+ houses, so we may have another investor who will want to buy your house with the tenant still there. 

#5  We can buy your house now with a cash offer if you need a fast sale.

#6  We might have a renter who wants your house & is ready to buy it now.

#7  As a current customer, you might qualify for a discounted broker's fee.

#8  We can assist you if you want to buy more property. We know the 1031 exchange process to help you avoid income taxes.

#9  We will work hard for you the same way we have managed for you!

#10  We have a program that allows buyers to Buy Your House Now, Sell their old house later.

#11  We can look your house over to see what it might need prior to going on the market.

#12  We can assist with coordinating work that is needed.

#13  We can assist with funding repairs now if needed.