Tools You Need When Renting a House

Living in a house is not like living in an apartment. You may need some new tools when you move into a house. 

Here is a helpful list.

#1 Screwdrivers (Phillips & flat)

#2 Sink plunger (your responsibility if working fine when you moved in)

#3 Toilet plunger

#4 Lawn mower, blower & weed eater, or hire yard maintenance.

#5 3-in-1 oil

#6 Flashlight 

#7 Spare light bulbs  

#8 Spare AA & AAA & 9 volt square batteries

#9 YouTube how to synchronize your garage door opener to your built-in car remote.

#10 Amdro Ant Bait (from Home Depot or HEB) for fire ants

#11 Water softener salt if applicable

#12 The ability to change AC filters (YouTube it).