Renting a House vs. an Apartment

Renting a single-family house or duplex is different than renting an apartment.

You get a yard with a house. With that comes more responsibilities on the tenant's behalf.

Mowing, weed eating, and trimming the sidewalks and driveway. Watering the grass, shrubs, and trees. 

Putting garbage cans at the curb for pickup. Picking up garbage cans. Changing AC filters. 

Replacing smoke alarm & CO batteries. Possibly adding salt to a water softener or bleach to the AC drain line. 

Pest control including fire ants, wasps, rodents, and roaches. 

Fixing minor things like a loose door knob. Reporting trees rubbing on the roof. 

You may need to buy yard tools. Mowers, step stools & screwdrivers. You could hire out the work.

The bottom line is that more work is required by the tenant when renting a house vs. an apartment.