Buy Your New Home Now, Sell Later

Most people in the U.S. move every 8 to 12 years depending on who you ask. Most need the equity in their current house to purchase their new home.

Do you sell the old house first & "hope" to find a new house you like? Do you plan to sell & rent a place temporarily? Do you buy first & hope the seller will take a contingency offer?

When do you start looking at new houses? What if you see the perfect new house now before you sell the old house?

Will you lose money to sell the old house fast? Will you lose money by offering full price or more on the new house?

This can be stressful and sometimes hard to coordinate. Congratulations on reading this blog!

We have a way for "Move up" or "Move down" buyers to buy the new home before they sell the old home!

This is a revolutionary way of doing business! It takes out the stress of selling & buying a home!We call it the "BUY BEFORE YOU SELL PROGRAM".