As a Seller, Should I Pay for Repairs that the Buyers Inspector Finds?

Maybe? Many times a seller will say to me "I came down on my price, so I am not doing repairs".

Is this a wise & prudent decision? Consider when a buyer walks through your house they are not always looking for items in need of repair.

They are focusing on the size, layout, and features of the house & general condition. They also may have read your "Sellers Disclosure" & depending on it to establish the condition.

You likely did not list everything on the sellers disclosure that the house inspector found. You did not list every item becuase you did not know every em.

Who would know a water heater is leaking if it is not very obvious. Who should repair or replace it? If the AC broke the day before the inspection, who should fix it?

Just like you, the buyer did not know the repairs needed when they made an offer. Who should repair these items neither the buyer or seller knew were broken?