Are REALTORS Overpaid?

Do you know how much REALTORS get paid? Is it to much?

REALTORS charge a commission between 4% & 8%This fee is split several times.  

One agent for the seller & one agent for the buyer. It gets split again between the agent & their company.

Example: 6% total commission. 3% to each company. 2% to each agent. $350,000 house x 2% to the agent = $7,000 to the agent

The average agent sells 6.2 houses per year. Agents must pay expenses such as education, association dues, vehicle & gas, health insurance & income taxes. 

$7,000 x 6.2 sales = $43,400 gross annual. Deduct expenses above & you get approximately $28,000 per year. This comes to $14 per hour.

Agents often do all the work on a sale that never materializes resulting in $0 commission paid. :(

Agents do not get a steady paycheck each month. No wonder most agents only last about one year in real estate...