A Deadly Mistake When Pricing Your House!

You are selling a house & have studied the sales data on houses similar to yours.

You compare the size, condition, features, & age. You come up with a fair price. 

You decide to "ask" a little higher price to give yourself room to negotiate. This could be a huge mistake! 

With today's internet, it is very easy for buyers and their realtors to weed out slightly overpriced houses & avoid them.  

The "days on market" ticker has started & cannot be stopped! Your house becomes less desirable with every passing day. 

Example: Which house is NOT a good value... the one on the market for 3 days or the one on the market 50 days

We cannot turn off the "days on market counter" so it is better to price your house where it will sell from the beginning and stick to your price. 

If a low offer comes in, make a counteroffer if needed. The buyer will know your house is a good value if priced fairly from the beginning.